Thursday, September 30, 2010

LOVE with your ears

My heart is heavy right now as I think about relationships and how difficult they can be sometimes. Especially, the marriage relationship. I have been blessed with an extremely patient, caring and helpful husband. Sure, we have our issues, but in all I really shouldn't complain about things. I want to complain about things often because I am selfish and prideful, but I really don't have much to stand on. And honestly, I'm probably more of the problem than what I think my "issues" really are with him.

I'm reminded of how I should be {grateful} when I hear others share their stories and realities. It really makes my heart break because, in the end, there's nothing I can do to make the circumstances different. And while part of me wants to come in a rescue and help and save the day, often its not the right response. I mean, we are adults now. We're no longer children where we can rely on our parents do come to the rescue. Most of the time, unless someone is in physical danger, it's not appropriate for me to save the day.

Today I remembered that sometimes all I can do is listen and encourage and listen some more. Because really all people need sometimes is to be heard. I mean that's why a lot of us write, right? Well, I'll just answer yes for myself. But seriously, that is a big part. I need to feel like what I'm processing through is valid and with a schedule like mine right now, I can't seem to connect in person with people so that's why I'm here on the Internet.

Going back to my point, though... I think I need to love more with my ears. I believe that we can truly show people our most sincere love just by listening to them talk. And my heart doesn't feel as heavy once I've let them share.

Do you need someone to listen?

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